JDCC offers underground services to meet all of your utility needs. 


Whether you’re expanding your fiber network to a new community or seeking to install underground power in an urban area, JDCC has the expertise and versatility to get the job done!

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We’ve Been in business for over 15 years!

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JDCC has a database full of upcoming projects around the US. If you are looking for a project in your state fill out the form below and we will connect you to your next deal!

Frequently asked questions:
Will I need to provide my own crew?

Yes, however we can help you connect with the nearest employment agency in your area.

Will I need to provide my own equipment?

Yes, however we can help connect you to the nearest supplier in your area.

Will housing be available for projects outside my state?

No, however we will give you a list of airbnbs and hotels we reccomend.

Will I be able to bid my price for the project?

Depending on which project is available.

What type of supporting equipment do I need?

Mini, reel trailer, and if possible a mud vac.

Client Testimonials

Great company! Honest, consistent, organized, hardworking crew that knows how to get it done the right way and on time!
***Icing on the cake… they also communicate throughout the project and notify you every step of the way!

Great communication from the owners during the entire project! They were tidy and the clean up afterwards was so good you could not even tell they were there! 


Fantastic work! They completed the project on time and communicated during the entire thing! 


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