Trenching is an ideal way for placing underground utilities, conduits and duct bank installations at a low cost rate.  JDCC is trained and experienced in understanding excavations using trenching with the ability to go in-between 12 inches and 42 inches deep. 

Directional Drilling

JDCC crews are experts in directional drilling also known as underground boring services. This method of installing pipes, cables or conduits can be done without digging trenches. HDD applications offers a solution for getting underground pipes in hard to reach locations without destroying areas around it. 


Plowing is a strategy used to eliminate the bond between rough and smooth surfaces through mechanical means. This process enhances the friction coefficient, which may lead to fracture or wear that is not related to direct removal of material.

Fiber Splicing

Fiber Splicing is the process of joining two fiber optic cables together. It is recommended when the available cable is not long enough for the required run.